House Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of both cats and humans, we kindly request that you abide by our house rules at all times in the cafe. We will be requesting all our guests to sign a waiver to ensure that everyone understands how best to interact with our cats. Thank you!


Before entering the cafe


Please wash and sanitize  your hands.

Let us go barepaws! Kindly remove your shoes and leave them in our shoe rack for the time being.


Once you're inside


Please refrain from using a camera flash when taking pictures inside the cafe.

Please do not feed us human food. Ask for assistance if you want to feed us cat food.

Do not disturb our fellow sleeping cats.

Do not carry or pick us up unless a staff member says it’s okay to do so.

Avoid making loud noises inside the cafe, let’s keep it peaceful!

If you notice anything unusual with any of us, please inform a staff member immediately.


Never ever pull our tail, whiskers or fur!

Please ensure the cafe doors are closed at all times.